Intensive Summer Learning Camp

The Children’s Center offers intensive individualized instruction that focuses on processing weaknesses. If left untreated, it can interfere with an individual’s ability to learn, and foster both at home and school. When coupled with speech, occupational and/or behavioral therapies, students progress at a much faster rate than with traditional therapies, or tutoring alone. If your child experiences difficulty with any of the following areas, then he or she may benefit from intensive instruction:
  • Critical thinking, drawing inferences or conclusions
  • Expressing what he/she is thinking in a clear & concise manner
  • Understanding and/or following conversation
  • Has difficulty sounding out words
  • Looks at the first letter of a word and guesses the rest (i.e. sees FROST and says FRIEND)
  • Spells phonetically (i.e. ENUF instead of ENOUGH, FUNKSHUN instead of FUNCTION)
  • Forgets words he/she just learned from a previous sentence
  • Has drastically weaker reading comprehension than oral comprehension
  • Recalling information he/she has studied for a test
  • Writing in a clear and organized fashion
  • Following directions
  • Has difficulty associating sounds with letters
  • Automatically assimilating reading material
  • Makes reading errors where sounds are omitted or changed (i.e. sees PURPLE and reads PUPIL, or sees STREET and reads SWEET)
  • Reads very slowly, trying to sound out each individual word
  • Writes using words far below that of his/her vocabulary ability, because simpler words are easier to spell
Our trained reading specialists use Lindamood-Bell authored programs – Visualizing and Verbalizing® (VV) & Seeing Stars® (SS). The VV program focuses on reading comprehension. It helps individuals overcome weak concept imagery by training them to create images in their minds of what they are trying to understand. Once they can see the “big picture,” they are better able to understand and think critically about what they read or hear. This program improves verbal & written communication skills, which leads to greater self-confidence, and often positively affects the social aspect of a child’s life. The SS program focuses on reading and spelling. It’s objective is to stimulate sensory information, and change the way that the brain processes stimuli. The structured instruction moves through progressive steps, while giving your child the necessary tools to feel successful and independent.

Summer Program

If your child is having difficulty with a subject area, or constantly fighting with you to complete their homework, then our tutoring services can provide the necessary flexible support. We provide one-on-one, or group style sessions, depending on the child’s cognitive ability, level of focus, and ability to work independently. This allows for us to instill healthy homework habits, and introduce structure to students from an early age. These executive functioning skills are imperative for success throughout adolescence.