Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services are designed to promote strong gross motor and balance skills. Therapists, specialized in pediatric therapy, work with families to assist their children in sitting, crawling, walking, running and jumping, as needed. A Physical Therapist (PT) helps children with physical, developmental or neurological disabilities, musculoskeletal problems or cardiopulmonary diagnoses. Their main emphasis is on impairments of movement that leads to funcitional limitations. Physical therapists who treat infants and toddlers are specialists trained to treat movement and functional dysfunctions. A primary role by the physical therapist includes enhancing the stimuli and cognitive skills normally provided to the child by play and exploration. This includes assisting the child into several positions and several movements. All with the goal of enhancing the child’s development skills, processing and overall learning. Physical therapy may play a critical part in the child’s achievement of functional independence and integration into the school system.