Is your child at a loss when interacting with other children? Is he the “last picked” for an activity but the “first picked on?” Your child may need some social skills intervention. Children need to learn social cues including taking turns, sharing, greeting others, help following directions, reading social situations and kindness to others. Their ability to successfully interact socially will affect their success in school, and their live long relationships. Our social skills classes teach children how to lean social skills that they can use throughout their lives through modeling, role-playing, positive reinforcement and group interactions.
Applications are now being accepted. Groups will begin in November and will meet one time each week. Typical peer models will be integrated into each group to assure that peer modeling occurs. Enrollment for various groups is available for children ages 2 1/2 to 16. Please call the Children’s Center to learn more about the groups or to enroll your child. These are the groups you have been searching for. Remember, space is limited, sign up early.

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